Commercial Spacecraft ready for Space Tourism in The World

Every day at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 in Las Vegas, USA, the best-untouched ideas are being presented to the consumers.

Companies are showcasing their robots, automobiles, and virtual reality headsets at the three-day exhibition starting January 5, but there is one company whose inventions are completely different and untouched by other companies.

Tourism in The World

Sierra Space, a US company that manufactures aerospace products, has unveiled a model of a spacecraft called the “Dream Chaser” that will allow ordinary people and cargo to be transported to the Earth’s lower orbit.

Sierra has introduced a large inflatable home model for those wishing to settle on the moon under the name of Large Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFE).

Sierra Space, a newcomer to the aerospace industry, has recently signed an agreement to fly manned on the International Space Station. These flights will start this year. Sierra Space is also working with Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin on the R-Battle Reef, a commercial space flight project.

“We’ve been working on this project for over ten years,” said Janet Kevindy, president of Sierra Space and a former NASA astronaut. “We have been waiting for the moment when people around the world will have access to work and live in space, and now is the time,” he said.

The cargo version of the Dream Chaser will be launched into space this year via the United Launch Alliance Vulcan Rocket. This cargo spacecraft is designed to carry 12,100 pounds of pressurized and unpressed cargo.
And once the vehicles start flying, we will start sending cargo according to the agreement with the company of the International Space Station.

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